Blinded By Fear

This photograph represents being frozen and blinded by the fear.

I spent a lot of time in fear of doing anything. Spending most of my time alone in my house thinking about the pain I'm dealing with and how my life will play out.

My future is certain of one key thing, not knowing what hurt I will have to overcome tomorrow. Will I have a flair up? Will someone visit and I will have to be ok? Will a bill I can't afford come in?

I would fear everything!

Even my phone ringing would throw me into a full-blown panic attack making my pain flair up even worse.

Over time, I have stayed focus on how to let go of the fear and start living my life.

Taking images like this one is one of the ways I cope.



  • Leica S 007
  • Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90mm
  • f16
  • ISO200